gratitude diary


  1. Waking up to another beautiful sunny day on coastal Croatia.
  2. Freshly picked figs for breakfast in the morning.
  3. All delicious home grown food we get to eat here every day.
  4. My body and how good and full of energy I feel today, even if I slept just a few hours.
  5. Summer breeze and sun on my face when I was washing my teeth on the balcony.
  6. All online orders that came in at night.
  7. Swimming in the warm, clean Adriatic sea.
  8. Our dog making me laugh.
  9. All people who help me get to the (way happier) place I am now.
  10. To choose more and learn more every day.
  11. Clean fresh air I get to breath.
  12. My kids to be the amazing beings they are and teach me more I ever expected.
  13. The nice swim I had today.
  14. Warm sun.
  15. Time spent with my niece and nephew.
  16. My parents.
  17. Few friends who always have my back, no matter what happens.
  18. Beautiful sunset we saw at the beach.
  19. My doughter sleeping on me.
  20. Fun time we had playing in the water.
  21. Delicious truffle-pasta I had in my favourite restaurant.
  22. Becky, who notices every little mistake I make creating designs for new collection.
  23. Possibility to expand my business to another continent.
  24. Half an hour of alone time this morning to do my exercises.
  25. A chance to share the bed with my kids again and hold them.
  26. The sweet kisses my doughters give me in the morning when they first see me.
  27. Tasty fish we ate last evening.
  28. The chance to translate an amazing online call and the change I got fom it.
  29. My past choices that got me here.
  30. Fun time at the water park.

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