1. My kids (I know I wrote that one down already, but kindergarden starts again tomorrow and it just hit me again today what gift they are in my life. Even with their tantrums, sleepless nights and everything that comes with parenting)
  2. All bars practitioners from Germany, Switzerland (and Austria soon) participating on Wanderlust festivals and gifting bars whole day. I was lucky to meet them.
  3. My creativity. New collection of yoga mats has been created in the summer and production started today! So excited to see the new mats.
  4. All people signing up to read the Being money workbook together.
  5. Have a good talk with someone I lost touch with long time ago.
  6. My favorite apples in the fridge.
  7. The fact that I have the chance to do what I love to do. I just got this awareness after asking myself what I would do if I’d have a few mio eur on my account. Same, just in diffent scale.
  8. All foreign languages I learned. It has always been something that was fun for me to learn.
  9. Wanderlust festivals, showing me how fun it is to talk to new people and see how contributing to them and share what I like is way more fun and precious for me than making myself small. No matter what anyone thinks.
  10. So many people wanting to contribute to me and my life. I cannot thank them enough.
  11. Amazing Body Class in Paris.
  12. All new people I met.
  13. Translating many classes.
  14. Opportunity to start business overseas.
  15. Meeting an old friend for lunch.
  16. My business partner.
  17. Special class I got to co-create.
  18. My niece and nephew and their playfulness and kindness.
  19. Juicy apples.
  20. Sunset I watched at the lake in Starnberg.


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