1. Future Classes I have the opportunity to translate.

  2. Invitation to translate the Foundation Class with Nadja and Rachael.

  3. Personal session with Rachael, the shift and all the clearings and tools I got there.

  4. Family visit in Germany.

  5. My flexibility.

  6. Good talk with my friend while driving from Munich to Ljubljana.

  7. New yoga mats.

  8. The PESRJ book.

  9. Access Bars exchange in Munich.

  10. Crazy good sushi in Sushimama.

  11. Big order for a Yoga studio in Austria.

  12. Positive feedback I got from a leading hot yoga teacher and her order.

  13. Warm weather and lots of sunshine.

  14. Fun photo shooting.

  15. Ex partner.

  16. Larissa’s joy and the fact that she is an incredible child.

  17. Abuse call and changes that occured after it.

  18. The ease with which I can create a business every day.

  19. The rain in the forest.

  20. New applications for my classes.

  21. Gratitude I get from my class participants.

  22. Walking my dog and me time during our walks.
  23. Way more clarity on some important areas of my life.

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