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My story

"Great things happen when you have the courage to be yourself."

I am an entrepreneur, certified Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Access Consciousness Bars facilitator. I love working with energies and bodies, supporting my clients with different health issues, introducing them to tools and resources for more ease and happiness in their lives!

I also work as a marketer, designer and illustrator and in 2017 I founded an international yoga brand Yoga Hero and grew it to a million dollar business, which taught me more than any school or experience. 

I often mentor different businesses and coaches. Recently my digital agency Heroes was born, where me and my team help our clients reach the next level. 

I love supporting others to follow their dreams, seeing them succeed and change the world for the better. 

“The methods and tools I teach are easy and most importantly they work!

I love teaching the tools and methods I know have completely transformed my life. And I’d like everyone to know they can change any issue in their life. It is never too late.

The tools I teach are easy and most importantly they work, as confirmed by thousands of people worldwide!

Use them to change your life or add them to your existing coaching business. Let me know if you need help or advice when you start out or grow your business. Me and my team are happy to help! 

The classes I teach are certified and after completion you will be ready to use the methods and tools you learned on your friends or clients. 

After completing a class with me you’ll become a part of a community and get support later on if in doubt or stuck.

I am really looking forward to see you online or in person on any of my workshops and trainings.

“Get help individually adjusted to your needs.”