Access Facelift® is a wonderful process that can reverse the aging of the face and create a similar effect on the whole body. Like all other body processes of Access Consciousness ®, Facelift® is a very nourishing and relaxing process. In this session, certain energies are used to regenerate, tighten and rejuvenate your face, neck and whole body through gentle, caring and soothing touch. Therefore, Access Facelift is very relaxing and calming.

The powerful energies that are activated during this treatment effect not only the face, but tighten the entire body. Access Facelift® uses multiple energy frequencies to harmonize the body, skin and connective tissue. Age and stress symptoms are transformed, traumas are resolved, cell memories are activated and old judgments dissolved.

Determined effects of the Access Energetic Faceliftt®:

  • Tightening of wrinkles and facial lines
  • Improved eyesight
  • Fast healing process of scar tissue
  • radiant complexion and healthier skin
  • better sleep
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Faster healing process for cold and flu
  • Well-being effect of the whole body
  • internal and external rejuvenation

For many customers, energetic facelift was the most enjoyable treatment, full of nourishing energy, peace and freedom. An hour went by too fast.

What if this is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself?


In this course you will receive the Energetic Facelift® twice and give it twice. This application is one of the most dynamic and deepest body processes. It activates more than 32 different energies.

It can be combined with any kind of cosmetic or therapeutic treatment. After this one-day course, you are a facelift practitioner and can apply the method to your clients, family and friends.

Are you ready to be here to experience this amazing gift?

DURATION: approx. 8 hours (including lunch break)


  • 260 € incl. Manual, certificate, drinks and snacks
  • 130 € repeaters and teenagers 16-18 years
    (Children under 16 years are free with a paying adult)
access body processes workshop aya stern
Access consciousness body process facilitator aya stern


A session lasts about 60 minutes and takes place on the massage table. During the treatment you are dressed. I touch many areas of your chest, neck and face area. It takes a few treatments, to make a lasting change. The body will learn to refresh its cells. This affects not only the face but also the organs and the bones.

During the Facelift process your whole body and mind relax. Changes are possible after just one session. In order to get lasting results, a series of 10 – 20 treatments is recommended.


  • 1 therapy: € 99, ​​-
  • 3 therapies: € 250, –
  • 10 therapies: € 800, –
  • 20 therapies: € 1500, –

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