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Body Processes

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There are over 70 different energy body processes that allow your body to relax, receive and release the accumulated psycho-physical stress.


Energetic body processes are energetic hands on methods that use different hand placements on various positions directly on the body and running specific energies at each spot to stimulate body’s own self-healing powers. 

This radically different approach to bodies and change has been developed by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer through almost 30 years of working with bodies and asking questions.


The Energetic Facelift® is a very nourishing and relaxing process. In is done on your face and neck through gentle, caring and soothing touch. 

Energetic Facelift® uses multiple energy frequencies to harmonize the body, skin and connective tissue. Energies that are activated during this treatment effect not only the face, but entire body. 


A session lasts about 60 minutes and takes place on the massage table. During the treatment you are dressed. I touch many areas of your body, depends on the process. It takes a few treatments, to make a lasting change. 

During the Facelift process your whole body and mind relax. Changes are possible after just one session. In order to get lasting results, a series of 10 – 20 treatments is recommended.


  • 1 therapy: 150 € 
  • 3 therapies: 350 €
  • 10 therapies: 1000 €

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