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Business Program

For therapists, coaches and yoga teachers

Digital Marketing


Stop waiting for growth and start using proven methods that work! As a marketing agency owner and entrepreneur I have your back. You don't need to be a technic genious to set up a functioning marketing system that will generate customers and make you money!

Financial Clarity


Do you feel confused and your finance is chaotic? It's important to be clear about your finances and have a plan in place. Set yourself up for success by know exactly how much money you're really making and create a successful pricing strategy.

Energy & Mindset


Your energy and charisma are one of the most important ingredients for successful customer meetings, workshops, posts and videos. Get clear on your limitations in business and change them. Stop worrying about money and realize you can come to you with ease.

Ready to grow?

My program is for you if you:

Why work with me?

Unlike many other business mentors I have hands on business experience. I’m an owner of an international yoga brand, digital agency and my therapist business.

I created several successful 6-figure online business and you can do it too!

I have been where you are know and I’ve made many mistakes to get to here, so you don’t have to! 

I didn’t realize the importance of digital marketing for a long time. But marketing is one of the most important wheels in business if you desire new customers and business growth. I now own a marketing agency and have seen exponential growth with clients who put in place a clever digital marketing system.

But marketing is not all! I will help you put all puzzles in place: your offer, your finance, your webpage, online marketing and your mindset and energy.

"Join my Business Program where I help you create a profitable business you love."

6 Video Calls

  • 6 x 60min 1 : 1 calls
  • we’ll look at all details of your business to see where to put our attention
  • I will have eyes on your work and progress

Detailed Strategy

  • We will create or improve your web page structure
  • Email marketing plan with automations and templates
  • Social Media strategy
  • Plan your Paid Advertising

Ongoing Support

  • Availability to your questions Mo – Fr until our last session.
  • Access to private Facebook support group where you can get help even after I finish my mentoring.

You will receive tools to completely transform your business and mindset

Offer & Positioning

We will look into the possibilities of your offer. What are your unique skills and how can you help your clients? How you structure your offer to work for you best? Can we improve your positioning?

Money & Finance

You will learn how you need to set up your business bank accounts for most financial clarity. What is the pricing strategy for your offer? How can you maximize your profit?

Web Page Structure

Your clients should clearly understand your offer and understand how you can help them. What is special about you? What is your branding? How do you gather information from your online visitors and increase chances to win them as clients?

Energy & Mindset

Your energy, charisma and mindset can drastically change success of your business and attract the customers who are easy to work with. Learn business and money Energy pull to create ease and success in your life and business.


Increase more customers! Paid advertising will become your friend and helper and give you an unfair advantage over your competitors - even if you are not a technology expert. Email marketing on the other hand can work for you for free.

Social Media Strategy

Don't waste your time with activities that don't benefit you. Which social media channels should you focus on? Learn about the algorithm, how you structure your posts for most engagement and wake up interest on social media with your offer.

About Aya Stern

I understand what it’s like when you work hard and still don’t see the results you want! I was there too… 

Mentors are there to share experience and help us reach the next level.

I am Aya Stern, serial entrepreneur and owner of a 6-figure international yoga brand, digital marketer, designer, Reiki master, Access Bars® and yoga teacher. 

Since 2018, I have been working with private clients and companies, holding live workshops, online programs about energy bodywork and business.

I have grown my own successful businesses: and I’m so proud to see my clients getting amazing results too.

I know the methods I’m using work! They have proven to work for me and so many other people around the world. 

Book a free discovery call below, where we can check if I can help you too! 

Do you desire more visibility, money and freedom?

In my Business program you receive:

✔ 6 x 60 min video calls: we’ll look at all details of your business to make sure you’ll benefit most from my mentoring and see where we need to put our attention. I will have eyes on your work and progress.

✔ Detailed strategy: You will receive a detailed strategy and guidelines of all important parts: offer & positioning, marketing, finance, web page, social media. 

✔ Ongoing support: Me and my team will be available for your questions Mo – Fr during the Business program. You will also get access to my private Facebook business support group for coaches and therapists where you can get help even after you finish the program.

Amazing gifts

Energy Pull for your business: You will receive an audio of an energy pull for your business. It totally transformed my business! Learn to attract more clients, money and energies that can contribute you.

Discounts for digital marketing services: Digital agency specialized to work with coaches,  therapists and yoga teachers is offering you a discount for any of digital marketing services if you need them later on.

Looking for help?

If you desire more visibility, financial freedom and flexibility, you are not alone.

We are happy to support you help you reach your businesss targets.

1. Schedule a free discovery call

2. Let's talk and see if I can help

3. Start our mentorship


If you don’t want a real change, you don’t need a mentor.

But if you want to achieve different results than in the past and finally want to reach your goals with strategy and stay consistent and motivated – then you most likely need a mentor.

Me and my team will help you with our knowledge, experiences and energy. The decision is yours. If it feels right and you’re serious about growing your business, let me know.

Noone can guarantee you success, because it really depends on you. I will do my best to help you find your way, keep focus and share my knowledge. However, the implementation is on you. 

Many of my clients create great results and successful businesses after completing our business program. But we all create success ourself.

I understand you, because that’s exactly how I felt too.

Of course you can do everything on your own, watch hundred videos, talk to your friends and continue to overthink.

The question is: how much time and money does that really cost you? Can you afford to not take the time and not invest in yourself now?

It took me years and many mistakes (read lost money) before I made the decision and got a mentor who helped me. Several mentors actually. They shared their experience and helped me focus and recognize my potential. 

If you’re ready, I’m here to support and encourage you.