Next Foundation Classes:

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  • Live, personal facilitation with Aya Stern, CF
  • Manual with lots of tools that can change all situations and energy quickly
  • Hands on energetic body processes for dynamic change and healing
  • Letting go of self-judgment and negativity
  • Clearing the past and creating life that you would like to live
  • Recordings of the class
  • FREE 1 hour catch up call (2 weeks after the class)
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general information about the foundation class

Duration: 4 days
Time: 10 am – ± 6 pm daily
Investment in you and the rest of your life (global pricing applies):

  • 1400 € incl. Manual with all tools, processes and body processes, recordings of the workshop, drinks, snacks and much change.
  • 700 € if you repeat the class and teenagers 16-18 years

Pre-requisites: a one-day Access Bars® Class

Read more about Access Bars and the Access Bars Classes here!

Note: You only need to do one (1) Bars Class to participate in the Foundation Class! 

Have you already done this training and would you like to repeat it? The 50% repeat price applies within a year of completing the training with a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. The current price is 50% of the current full price.

15 years old children and younger can participate for free together with a paying adult and after a consultation with the Facilitator. They do not receive a manual. 16-17 Year-olds pay 50% and receive their own manual.

Please always ask your child whether they want to be there themselves and want to participate. There is no babysitter present, every parent must also be able to fully participate in the Class. Each parent is responsible for his or her child.


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Become the leader and creator of your amazing life

Access Consciousness Foundation class removes the foundation of limitations from which you thought you should function and live, as if you have no other choice!

The class offers you hundreds of tools including some hands-on body processes that enable you to change everything that no longer works for you.

more about access consciousness

Create a different life that works for you...

This class is an intensive 4-day exploration of new, different possibilities.

The Foundation Class creates a sense of the foundation of awareness that you have not used in your life and it gives you the capacity to choose completely different things that you have not been able to choose before.

In the Foundation you begin to discover which beliefs, judgments and points of view hinder you and what is possible if you change them: you start to function based on questions, choices, possibilities and contribution.

If you could choose everything, what would it be?

What if you could live a life in which you are no longer the effect of this reality?

You get to know the elements of creation, intimacy, relationships, sex, money, your connection with the earth and your own capacity for healing. The greatest potential is the ability to change and transform everything.

You will also become aware of what you actually desire in life. What if there was an easy way to actualize it now?

Are you choosing to change, let go and create greater future for you and the planet?