What if there is something much greater available for all of us in life? A different reality we can choose and a huge potential in each and every one of us to create everything we desire?

Aya Stern, M.Sc is Reiki Master, Access Bars® Practitioner (BP), Energetic Body Process Therapist and Access Energetic Facelift® Practitioner (AFP). She gives courses and workshops on various topics and regularly participates different energetic classes, conferences and workshops.

Aya is also the founder of yoga brand Yoga Hero with a strong charity note. She loves traveling and getting to know new cultures and has had a passion for yoga for years.

As energy therapist, Aya started to discover who she really is, all the facets that wasn’t her and all the potential she has. She didn’t always choose the easiest way. Energetic tools and processes proved to be incredibly helpful in the most difficult moments she went through. She started to trust her knowing and truth more than any other opinion or judgement. The tools and therapy also gave her an additional push when her life began to turn into something truly wonderful.

What if these simple methods can completely change your life… and the whole world?

What if there is a greater life and different reality available for everyone who choose it? What if we ALL have the potential to create exactly what we dream of?