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Symphony of Possibilities

SOP® or Symphony of Possibilities based is effective energetic transformation work, developed by Dr. Dain Heer (Co-Creator at Access Consciousness®). Visiting his classes, I had the opportunity to discover this energy in me.

Everyone has a unique ability to receive and give energy. An SOP®Session is about self-empowerment and change. It is an invitation to open your life in a completely new way. This unique transformation method allows you a true access to what is really right for you and your body, beyond anything that was sold to you in this reality as true.


During the session, you are lying on the massage table with your clothes on. Energy work is done directly on your body with light touch, as well as from a distance.

During SOP® treatment I gain access to my clients that goes far beyond my imagination. Energy trapped in their bodies is released. In this infinite space they are invited to change everything that doesn’t work for them and they wanted to change.

The experiences of the SOP® session are unimaginable and difficult to describe. Each body is special and receives it in a unique way. Feedback from previous clients confirms how indescribable the feeling of the energy during the session is. They also became aware of new possibilities that opened up for them after the session.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of infinite possibilities, space and being.

Reach levels that go far beyond your mind.

Are you ready to become the composer of your own reality and life?


  • 30 min: 100€ 
  • 60 min: 170€ 


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