What is Access Consciousness®?

Access Consciousness® (short Access) is a method that you can use to make your life easier. It offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change before and provides you with ways to become totally aware and to begin to function as the conscious being you truly are.

It is available in 173 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of more than 30 thousand people around the world for the past 25 years. Delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations, what most people love about it is that it actually works!

Access Consciousness® invites you to create a world of consciousness and oneness. It empowers you to perceive, know, be and receive everything infinitely. It’s about being present in your life and allowing the entire Universe to be what it is, without judging it and with no expectations. From this space you can create everything you desire, greater than what you currently have and more than what you can imagine. As each one of us steps into our greatness, the possibility that gets created for all of us is infinitely greater.

Here is a video where creator of Access Consciousness® Gary M.Douglas and co-creator Dr.Dain Heer talk about what Access Consciousness® is:


You are capable of changing the world and changing everyone around you with the energy you can be. But, you have to be willing to be that potent that nothing stops you as the consciousness you are.

What if you, being you, is the gift and change this world requires? Is now the time?